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Tiger 855i Hagon Fork Springs 2" Shorter Than Standard?

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Have just removed front forks on my 99 855i to fit Hagon progressive springs. A couple of questions 1) the Hagon's seem to be about 2" shorter than those fitted - is this normal? (yes I've checked the box and they are the right ones...) and 2) what weight oil i.e. 15 or 10 - I'm 270 lb so I guess the heavier weight would be a good bet?

Next step, fit the Hagon monoshock - but not until I've got the front end sorted first.


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If the hagons are built to suit you I would presume that the weight of oil the manual recommends would be the one to use.

Did you get some metal (or plastic) pipe with your kit?

Cut the total length of new springs and pipe to match the springs and spacers (if any) you are taking out.
I'm sure some engineer somewhere has a reason. ;)

When I put in progressive fork springs in my bonnie they were shorter than the OEM, but the spacers (fancy word for pipe cut to suit) made up the difference. The bike runs tons better now than with stock.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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