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Went for a ride with my local Ulysses Branch Today. 19 bikes met up on a beautiful summers day for a trip out to a place called Waroona. There were three Gold Wings in the group, one of which was brand new and cost A$43,000 on the road!
We headed down the South West Hwy as far as Nth Dandelup and headed through the hills to Dwellingup, where we stopped for refreshments. From there we took a road I hadnt been on before that was great for bikes. This took us all the way through to Waroona. After a short stop there, riders decided to go off in different directions for various reasons. Me and two others took the return journey back the same way as we had just come, because the road was fantastic.

This was my first real ride on the Tiger and it was great. They are a tall bike and if you are under 6', I wouldn't recommend one. I am on tip toes to touch the ground. I believe the 07 is going to be a bit lower. Thanks to the Staintune exhaust, the Tiger fair growled when given a handful. It has power to burn and I was most impressed. I guess the Power Commander is doing its job. The seating is quite comfortable. Suspension felt fine to me. The previous owner told me that he has fitted emulators to the front forks. Maybe someone can enlighten me on them. I didn't check its off road ability this time. My only criticism is the standard screen is a bit short, which meant a fair bit of wind buffeting. I had planned to get a taller screen anyway. Eagle screens here I come! I did a fuel consumption check when I got back. To my amazement it returned 58.8 mpg! I thought I had done my sums wrong and re-checked. Better than I had thought it would be. For those who think in l/km, I covered 286km and it took 13.8l (you work it out) :-D
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