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Hello all:

Just completed a trip around Lake Superior, 8 days and 2300+ miles round trip from my home in SE Michigan. Absolutely fantastic trip, beautiful scenery. Made the trip on my trusty Honda Sabre VT1100. It handled the trip with flying colors. But it doesn't have ABS which was always in the back of my mind on two rainy days.

3 years ago, on the Shadow forum, they had a thread for naming your dream bike. I posted that I wanted a Thunderbird. The parallel twin being the most compelling feature for me.

So, when riding home from L. Superior, I thought I'd test drive a Thunderbird with ABS. Did that a couple of weeks ago, and was sold. I was ready to buy the '13 that I test drove, but decided I'd look for used. Ended up getting a 2010 1700 from out of state, and can't wait for it to get here. Never bought anything of this $$$$ level without looking at it. Talked to the dealer, and all seemed right, along with a good price, so I took the chance.

Should be here in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I am learning much about this bike on the forum and enjoying peoples' comments and stories.
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