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There are LOTS of threads here regarding alternator rattle issues specific to the bolt and washers. Search "alternator rattle" or "alternator bolt."

To your question: I think the number of washers depends. Members have reported a smaller flat washer over a larger bellville washer. I had mine apart for the rattle about 4 months ago and found but a single bellville washer. I don't have a torque value for you, perhaps someone else will.

I went 30,000 miles before the rattle appeared, so I chalked it up to age, re-tightened, and have been fine for the last 1500 miles. Fingers crossed.

Some have used thread lock, but I haven't heard the results, either postive or negative, with that practice. I chose not to since the bolt was proving difficult to back out completely, and there was no point using thread lock if I didn't clean up the oil on the threads.

The curvature of a bellville washer can be subtle. I thought the washer on my alternator was flat at first, but upon closer inspection it had a distinct curve (or, maybe I just imagined it because I really wanted it to be curved?). Doesn't take much deflection to create the required bolt tension.
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