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I'm partial to the pre '08 Bonnies (et al) as they have the, to my eye, sleeker and more elegant pre EFI tanks... also, I can tune carbs easily and quickly... rather than having to load programs into an ECU... And, if you shop smart, you can usually find a well cared for used one at a good price... allowing you more coin for the upgrades you know you'll want to do... As a previous owner, you also know that the Triumph twins are nearly bulletproof and some miles on them is nothing to worry about...

<snip>...if the clip ons are too low for you, you can always get the top yoke conversion and put standard bars on it....
+1 to what Tom said.

I have an '04 Thruxton and wouldn't consider a newer version unless there is the correct ECU revision to allow a cam swap. After going to '01 790 cams in my '04, there is no way in hell I would settle for less. After the EFI bikes have a few years on them and all the ECU maps are readily available, then my opinion may change!

As far as the clip ons go, I had to have a bike that serves as an all arounder and couldn't bear the reach around town/under about 55 or 60 mph. I'm considerably shorter than you, though, and you might be fine...the only way to find out is to give it a go. My bike now has speed triple bars in an aftermarket top tree...


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