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Thruxton fender eliminator kits

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My brother just bought an 05' Thruxton and wants to purchase a fender elim kit. He's looking at both the kit @ and also the british-customs kit @

We both think the british-customs kit is alot cleaner looking but wondering which kit is better. the newthruxton kit comes with a protective piece and not sure about the bc kit. Which one is the better of the two. We can always use the bc kit and purchase the protective cover seperately.

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I say just make your own. Go to a custom bike shop and find a tail light you like. That's what i did. Then i decided i wanted some sort of a fender on the rear. My Tail light was only $20 and the pair of turn signals was only $20 as well.

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i just drilled two holes in the chain guard and bent it over it. I then mounted a blue LED under the seat pointed at it to light it up at night.
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