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Garmin is the industry standard for aviation. They have produced great products and continue to set the standard in the world of GPS. I went the cheap route and purchased a Garmin c330 and a RAM mount. I paid about $400USD all together. I'm relatively pleased with its performance and serves me well for what I use it for.

1) Although it is possible to enter multiple POI's, it reaks havoc on the overview map.
2) It is not water proof (just cynch a baggie over it and it works fine.
3) unable to wire audio to my headphones

1) ease of use
2) inexpensive
3) still functions well with gloves on (even with a baggie over it
4) Perty darn accurate (not perfect, but no slouch either)
5) all the essentials already present. Just turn on and go

As a side note, the RAM mount does not come with the power adapter connection. You must transfer that connector from the original car mount to the RAM mount.

In regards to the ZUMO:
The reviews I've read stated the ZUMO 550 does allow for multiple POI's. This, and the integration of MP3 player, were THE reasons for considering the ZUMOP as my next GPS.
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