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For most people a PDA will work but I am reall looking into running a UMPC.

Ultra-Mobile-PC with something like this.. A HMD.. Head Mounted Display.. Instead of the headband mounting the boom to the helmet with a pivot point that manipulated externally.. Perhaps electronically. Flips into lower peripheral vision and rotates down when not needed....

There are smaller versions with the same size display as well as see thrus available.. Just not as affordable..

Who knows.. maybe some day we will have see thru VGA embeded sheilds available...


Garmin, TomTom and Pharos all have "mouse" and bluetooth GPS recievers and software packages.

I will be also running EFB (electronic flight bag) software on it when not piloting two wheeled vehicles.

UMPC's will be getting better in 07. The samsung q1's are already pretty nice but there will be likely be some PDA sized machines out soon.

I have a bro that is way into computer science. Lets just say some other advances like voice recognition is pretty cool too.

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I dont have a Zumo.

I just have used alot of different Garmin brand units. Both for gound and aviation uses.

For a traditional GPS unit really think they own the game.

There are other options around as well. GPS recievers that plug into PDA's, Laptops and UMPCs'.

Some PDAs like a Dell V51 are pretty freeking cool with a good reciever and good software.

A tablet UMPC rules in a EFB application..


In flight weather on your moving map.

Terrain Maping

IFR/VFR charts and terminal proceedures are just some of the many other things it can do.. It also updates the data in real time so long as you have a link to the internet..

Now for the road on a PDA get tomtom navigator 6 or copilot live for PDA

For a UMPC/Laptop the laptop version of Copilot live...

CoPilot Live
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