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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, take a look at what Motomorini (via the Corsaro 1200 stylings) thinks about the Speed bits, double google eyes, black on black, twin high pipes, the passenger peg hangers look like a direct rip-off, even the fly screen. Seating position looks pretty close to S3's also. All in all, a pretty fair looking package IYAM.

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If I love the Speedie then I should get a buzz from eyeballing this Morini in the flesh, for it does look like a clone. I might be tempted to go for a brief ride.
I have a real soft spot for Moto Morini. It started back in 1979 when a friend bought a 2nd hand MM 125cc cafe racer lookalike. It had clip-ons and single seat and when aboard that little gem, you felt like a racer. OK... so when your megaphoned single was cranked, you never posted 60mph, but hell it was ALWAYS a tucked-up ride to remember. That is what this game is all about... not the size of the motor, but the size of your smile!
There is a funny story about the name of this new bike... 9 1/2. It was going to be 950cc, in keeping with MM tradition from the 3 1/2 (350cc) they produced yrs ago. But when they increased the size to over 1000cc, they stuck with the '9 1/2'. Sort of silly like Triumph also did with early speedies???
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