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Check the battery electrolight level regularly, the T3XX range had a habbit of drying the batteries out.
Front brake light switch can fall apart although I was able to get into mine and fix it.
Around 1995 there was a wiring loom issue which may or may not have been caught during the warranty period, to test this turn the bars lock to lock on the centre stand and try the indicators both ways (it's the only test I know of), if one starts blinking really quick but stops as you turn the steering then there is a problem. It was due to the earth connections at the head of the loom being badly soldered and breaking (whole loom was replaced under warranty). If it does do it it's a relatively easy fix though.
the vaccum petrol taps' diaphrams could fail but that usually doesn't result in you breaking down, if you're able to, put the tap at the on or reserve and pull the pipes off if fuel comes out then it's failed, again no rea biggy though.
All in all there are a great bike and I'd have another in a heartbeat.
Hope this helps

Nic :-D

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