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I just realized something that was missing from this forum that many other bike forums have is a short list of things that new owners should check soon after receiving their forum. Anyone that has a suggestion please make a post and maybe if there are enough critical items we could have a new thread created and stickied for new owners.

Here are my suggestions.

Chain adjustment. I just did my first service and it was 70mm. Yes that is correct.

Throttle cable adjustment. Mine was perfect but many weren't.

Clutch adjustment. Mine was very loose when I picked it up.

Cooling/radiator hose clamps

Suspension damping screws on the R. Mine were not the same on the left and right fork.

Rear fender retaining bolt located in between the license plate mount dead center underneath the tail light assembly. Mine was hanging loose by sever turns.

wire harness routing at steering head There have been several reports that if left loose if it catches on the fork the bending will eventually cause the protective housing to crack.

Anything I'm missing?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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