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I received an order from a customer who used the following email address containing my trade name: [email protected][their web site].com.

This makes me very uncomfortable due to the potential use for identity fraud (not that I'm accusing anyone of any wrong doing). I'm hoping its just a situation where the customer created an unique email addy just for business with me. I'm flattered. But because the customer and I share the same first name, I thought it best to ask him to stop using it. Of course, that's his choice.

But just to be perfectly clear and to avoid any potential identity confusion, please note that all official email from SEL-MOTION Motorsports (dba: BellaCorse) will be addressed to the recipient, and will originate only from [email protected]. Any other use of bellacorse is not me. Additionally, I DO NOT sell on eBay, Amazon or any other on-line venue other than my own web site. The rare one-off personal item sale being the exception.

Please help me by reporting any such unauthorized use of my valued name.

/Michael Selman - Owner
SEL-MOTION Motorsports
dba: BellaCorse
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