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I was lurking around the net today at break and seen that the Triumph factory demo truck would be at my dealer today with a new Thunderbird. Luckily I rode my Speedy to work today.
So I shot down to Kalamazoo when I got out to take a peek at it and so the guys down there could see my Speedy with the light mods I've done.
I liked the looks of the T-Bird, looks a little lower than the TBA/Speedmaster, and a bit longer. But that motor is freaking huge........ you can't appreciate it until you've seen it.
Ya, it really needs a set of straight pipes with slash cut ends, and the seat and gas tank could transition a bit better, but it's a damn big tank too.
On the other side of things, the factory guy got all camera happy when he seen my I had the hardbags on my Speedy and asked me all about them.... And none of the guys down there had seen a bagged Speedmaster or America. All and all was a pretty good night down at Lifecycle, hope that the truck will come back through so i can get some buddies to come down with me.
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