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The stork flew into today amidst 50' temps in KC

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OK, OK... I know everyone is way over the top excited about the new 07s arriving, being purchased, and taken home...and that's understandable - don't want to rain on anybody's parade... (especially you Colts fans).

The 06s? Old news. Yesterdays fantasy. A smoky bar room dame with wrinkles by now....

Well, before you forget about that sweet thing, let me tell you this. I finally got my recently purchased 06 home today. Parked her up next to the DUCs and she looked right at home...

Busted a few miles on all three bikes today. Yeah, you gotta love that triple. It's very, very sweet....

Five weeks from today - I leave for the TX Hill Country and a little spring training action in Arizona! :-D


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Congrats! Nice in blue, did you get all the panniers and heated grips in the bargain?

Enjoy it, when the weather warms up.

Mick :cool:
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