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The stork flew into today amidst 50' temps in KC

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OK, OK... I know everyone is way over the top excited about the new 07s arriving, being purchased, and taken home...and that's understandable - don't want to rain on anybody's parade... (especially you Colts fans).

The 06s? Old news. Yesterdays fantasy. A smoky bar room dame with wrinkles by now....

Well, before you forget about that sweet thing, let me tell you this. I finally got my recently purchased 06 home today. Parked her up next to the DUCs and she looked right at home...

Busted a few miles on all three bikes today. Yeah, you gotta love that triple. It's very, very sweet....

Five weeks from today - I leave for the TX Hill Country and a little spring training action in Arizona! :-D


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Mike,nice bike!! :wink: :cool: We will have to get together in acouple of months when I'm up that way.I am planning a trip to Cameron next week( Friday,Saturday.). Did you get any of that smoke from the chemical fire yesterday? :(
Again Nice Ride!!!
Everday is riding season!!!! :wink: :cool: :upthumb: :hihi:
Looking at the 10 day forcast for KC and Cameron upper 40's.I just may ride the Tiger up. Will let you know as the week progress. Could meet up at Engles Friday evening or Sat. morning.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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