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Well, the work begins to get my "new" Triumph back on the road...

My poor, neglected beast has a serious case of gas tank rust... 25 years of sitting and letting the gas evaporate, to be replaced by condensation, have taken thier toll. Something had to be done.

Looking around online, it became readily apparent that nobody is making replica fuel tanks for 36 year old Triumph Tigers. :confused: Used pull-offs carry price tags that verge on the insane.

Checking with some local bikers, I discovered that there is a radiator repair shop in town, owned and operated by a biker, that derusts and internally coats bike tanks as a sideline.

Since I had looked at a product I had no experience with, the infamous Kreem Koat, and I heard all of the horror stories about the results, as well as the hassles involved with actually USING the stuff, I decided that the radiator shop is the path of least resistance. Incidentally, they DON'T use Kreem Koat, and I got an earfull of obscenities for even uttering those dirty words inside of thier shop! :eek:

The shop apparently uses some sort of an epoxy coating.

Initial estimate... $120. Not too unreasonable, IMHO. The job is being done now.

I've seen and heard an awful lot... TOO much, really... both pro and con about Kreem Koat. I'm wondering if there are other alternatives that you guys have used, and how you felt about the results obtained.

Mr. T.
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