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the red-wire is connected to the.........

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Hey there peoples,

I Just purchased my first triumph!!!! A 1971 T120R.
Could any give me and rewiring tips whatsoever or a copy of the wiring diagram.

My bike is a total restoration and even though my dad is a retired mechanic from the 60's, he is freaking out with the wiring.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

also this might take the stupid question awards...where is the frame numbers???

Thanks for your time.
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You picked the absolute worst British bike to break into electrical repair. The 71-72s had more wires than any two earlier bikes.....And the main harness is in two (or was it three) parts with a huge bundle of wires under the tank. OH well, too late for that. Now you have to hope that the parts are stock and no one has been hacking on the harness. If it's and original, consider a new one....or three, or whatever.....all new wires, if you are going stock.
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