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We had this thread going a while back, preparing for the 2006 Triumph CLassics Rally. I have some news to report:

Legend has it that the "Thunderbird" namesake derives from a 1949 motel stop by Edward Turner in Walterboro, South Carolina on a trip to the Daytona for the motorcycle races there (now known as "Daytona Bike Week").

As some of you may know, I have been doing some research on the location of the original hotel. The hotel was moved out to I-95 in 1981, and most folks I had spoken to could not remember the original location. Well, it happens that I went on a ride a few weeks back with a Beemer rider from Walterboro, who remembered the original location of the hotel! He recalls that it was at the location was on Hwy 15, that is now a John Deere dealership, which I googled to 714 N Jefferies Blvd. I am still searching for any memorabilia.

So, as luck would have it, the building was torn down a few years ago, but we could still make a pilgrimage there at some point..... may Bike Week 2007?
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