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Bert Munro worshipped the God of speed, at least according to "The Fastest Indian" movie. He even offered his mis-cast pistons to Him. Probably many of you worship the God of speed, as well. I know I do. The thrill of fantastic acceleration and high speeds are truly a rush. So I did a little research and called a friend learned in certain esoteric scriptures and here is a verse he dug up. From the Shree Ishopanishad, an ancient Indian scripture, here is verse 4.
I hope you enjoy it: "Although fixed in His abode, the Personality of Godhead is swifter than the mind and can overcome all others running..." We are running Triumphs up to 150-155 or so, some at speed trials are running faster, but think about it, your mind can go even much faster than that. It can go around the world in an instant !! But God is faster than even than the mind. So please don't attempt to race God, he'll win every time. Let's just thank God for giving the Triumph engineers the intelligence to design and build great bikes and give God His due as the topmost personality. I humbly pray that the moderators of this site don't delete this post.
11-8-06 FYI If anyone reads this post, it was deleted from the site no later than early morning of 11/7, as likely being too theistic.

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