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I'm with Tie, Kirkus and others on this one. When on the road, we always look fiirst for old "Ma n' Pa" family owned and run restaurants, the quirkier, the better. Each seems to have it's own specialty offer for the day, that you'd be a fool not to order.

Secondly, we look for at least a "few" bikes parked out front. Dunno why really, just do.

Lastly, we shy away from joints with say 25+ bikes out front, as these are usually dives, and drinking, talking loud and acting like a tool seem to be the sole purpose of these type bar patrons. I'd rather ride than stop to act like a stereo-typical hollywood version of a "Biker" from some '70's "B" grade backlot movie.

Worse move of all would be a stop at a franchised, antiseptic, brass and fern festooned plastic eatery with color pictures of the food right there on the menu!

Maybe it's best to either pack a picnic lunch, or better yet, go on a diet!:eek:

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