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I was taking my new sidecovers to be modified to fit my K&N Pods, a couple of weeks ago, when they fell off my rack. I retraced some of my route, but couldn't see them anywhere. They were gone! Much swearing did ensue, & I had to do lots of deep breathing so it didn't ruin my entire day. When I'd calmed down I phoned my old mate Jarred, the spares guy at my local Triumph dealer, to sheepishly re-order them. "You lost 'em!" He shouted down the phone "Ya bloody D*ckhead!" he chuckled. Stating the bleeding obvious.
Anyway I'm sitting at a mate's kitchen table yesterday when my phone rang. It was Jarred "You won't believe this mate" He said "But a bloke's just walked in with your sidecovers!" "No!" I said "Fair dinkum." He replied "He's standing right in front of me. I'll put him on." Turns out the guy's a Farmer who lives on the route I'd taken (though a lot further back than I'd retraced) & he'd found my backpack lying in his driveway. With no ID in the pack, he'd no way of finding me. So he'd taken them down to the Triumph shop to see what they were worth ($480 AUD for the pair) & good old Jarred immediately put 2 & 2 together.
It really made my day. I'd already resigned myself to their loss, & having to fork out another $480. So it was a complete surprise. Thank God for honest Farmers, & quick thinking Parts Guys.
I'm used to Murphy sticking it to me, big time. So it's nice to get one back from him. Thanks Murph!
PS I reckon there's a slab of beer due to both Jarred & the honest Farmer.
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