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Hey guys this is my first time posting but I've been reading and searching for months now. I thought I wanted a Thruxton so I dropped on here to read up about what everyone thinks about them, and sure enough I BOUGHT one; I got a 2008 non-EFI with the good old carbs and clip-ons. And best of all since it was winter time and the 2009s were out the dealer sold it to me at cost they only made money on the set up fee ($250) not too bad.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the tips and questions and debates, I have done quite a bit of work to the bike because of it. Even though my bike only has 58 miles on it here is a list of stuff I have done:

·Removed the rear fender- made a under seat fender out of a black plastic trash can ($2 at walmart), cat eye tail light with plate under it and small side turn signals mounted off the top shock mount.
·New headlight bulbs (ultra white)
·AI Removal (Union Jack logo bolts)
·Union jack logo mirror bolts
·Custom bar end mirrors from the stock mirrors (idea from ratcat)
·Clutch lifter cover and line gator
·Polaris Bellmouth with UNI foam filter (great find/idea Rexa)
·Hornet 225T Merlin 3000 Motorcycle Alarm (Highly Recommended it is a great alarm, all-in-one small waterproof package with built in horn and tilt sensor; only $150, plus its made by Directed Electronics which is a good reliable company – I know I use to be a Car Electronics Installer)
·Black cam cover, black stator cover, still need a black clutch cover(anyone got one for sale?) or I will have to get mine powder coated
·Horn relocation under tank
·17 tooth front sprocket (can’t wait to ride it with this)
·Specialty Spares TT pipes on order (also can’t wait to ride it with this)

All the tips I’ve read on here have been super helpful, so thanks everyone!!

I do have one question, I have read some guys have left the stock 40 pilots in and some have gone up to the 42s that come with the SS TT pipes, what's the best way of figuring out what works better in my bike? work from the top down(42 and go till you get pops on decel and then adjust if too rich go back to 40s) or bottom up (leave how it is and see if I get pops and adjust and if I run out go to 42s?)? I do plan on putting 125 mains in and trying that out. Any opinions would be helpful, thanks.

I’ve got the mod bug and it’s awesome!!

If anyone is around the Kalamazoo Michigan area and wants to get together and ride let me know.

If you want to see some photos of my bike, look here
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