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Thanks and Questions on 12K Service

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First the Thanks:
Thank you to everyone (especially Dolson and the Tiger Forum for the FP mod)! If you are waiting on this don't!
Thanks for the mufflerectomy info! Prior to obtaining my Wolf, I enjoyed the benefits of riding with the 1" hole mod! Anyone shy on coin or waiting to find the right exhaust upgrade needs this ASAP!
Now to the questions:
How does the cush drive come apart. I have it off the bike and have GENTLY used a ball pein with a wood block then a gear puller with no success. Mind you I have not been overly aggressive so if I am wimping out too soon please let me know! The tech manual states to "ease it out" but doesn't say there is a snap ring or something holding it in place. I know the cush drive is not part of the 12K however, I want to do a clean and inspect since I have it off and found what leads me to my next question...
Has anyone noticed a severe discoloration on the rear shaft where the cush drive spacer rides? I know the wear part should be the spindle but when I took it apart I found what appeared to be a heat discoloration about 1/2" tall and an inch long on the smooth part of the shaft that contains the spindle.
Thanks again to everyone that has contributed to this forum that I have been fortunate enough to benefit from!
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Well, to anyone that may be doing this in the future:
On the sprocket side of the assembly, there is a spacer that is held in with grease. It will release with a gentle pull.
The back (inside) part of the cush drive can be gently pried out with a small screwdriver.
This gives you access to the rubber bumpers and a bushing.
I cleaned up the area I thought was heat discolored and realized it was corrosion. It cleaned up well with fine grit sandpaper.
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