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Techlusion TFI by Dobeck

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Hi Rats I found this a while ago when searching the net for Triumph parts.At the time being I thought it was the same as a Power Commander with that in mind i decided to ave my $ and by a Tuneboy setup when I could afford it.
Roughly 2 weeks ago a member had a TFI posted in the classifieds and it was brand newat a really good price.
Reason being he got the wrong model and at the same time he decided to trade his Tiger in.
I finally had some spare time to install it this Friday.
They mention it's very easy to install roughly 1 hr.
It took me about 45 min and I took it slow to make sure I did it right.
I decided to leave it the way it came and go for a test ride.
Immidiatedly I noticed a much smoother low end.I decided to run it hard in first then in to 2nd quickly roll off the throttle and whack it open. Woow there was a big difference in the midrange and my front wheel took some air :-D
So there was a noticeable difference in power without even being properly dialed in.
There are 4 different adjustments tbhe first is like a pilot screw on a carburator the 2nd is an accelerator pump for the midrange and top end. the 3rd is the main jet with 2 jet sizes for each increment. The last adjustment is to set up where the accelerator pump kicks in and drop off basically it should beset at roughly 70% of redline on the bike.
The only mod I had done before this was a drop in K/N filter and I'm very happy with it.
Dobeck is the guy who designed the Dynojet and the Power Commander and on their website there is a support forum for people who has bought the TFI
imo it was well worth the $250
The website is
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Out of the box the TFI does NOTHING. It does not alter the fuelling whatsoever. All it does is you can increase fuel by turning the knobs for low mid and high rev ranges. Plus the accelerator pump feature.
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