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Hi. Asking for a friend. A club mate has a 2003 TB 900 that he quite recently acquired. It stood unused for perhaps 10 years or so. It had appropriate recommissioning before being taken on the road. It is in superb overall condition and looks like a new bike. At our recent club summer camp ride outs were planned but he noticed that the overheat warning light was coming on. The fan is working and all fluids are up to level. No coolant is being lost and the water pump is good. The engine oil temp is normal at the time the light comes on.
A curious thing is that use of the indicators can prompt the overheat light to illuminate. I believe there is a known grounding issue with some bikes from this era and that there is a fix. The bike is in such good overall condition I would have expected the then owner to have this attended to way back then.
I would have expected a technical bulletin to be issued to dealers from Triumph and a rectification action advised.
My question is this - is it possible to tell from visual inspection whether or not there was a dealership fix completed? - non original wiring, splices etc...that could be seen inside the headlight shell. Also are any of you TB owners out there familiar with this issue and do you have any wise advice to offer.
There is a good history file with the bike but as far as I know there is no reference to any work of this type having been done. Thanks in anticipation...GD.馃弽

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Hey there! I am restoring a Legend TT, stood for 15 years. At that time the warning light sensor and the thermostat broke and ended up with a head gasket change. You should make sure that the thermostat works properly just to make sure cooling is ok.
To the wiring problem, no clue but a check on the harness could reveal the problem. There is only one wire going to the warning light sensor located at the left top of the cylinder head, where the hot water leaving the engine. As a first approach i would check that wire for any shortcuts.
There is also another topic with warning light issues, i think it is a common problem.

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There was a grounding issue, that I believe was fixed before 2003.

There was a fix issued and at one time there was a document available.
I believe it entailed making an additional ground connection from inside the headlight bucket to a point on the frame just behind the headstock.
I wish I had that document, but I lost it in a hard drive failure several years ago.

Maybe someone who keeps better backups than I has it??

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Look in the headlight bucket for a cut wire and a separate wire (outside the harness) running to the frame, usually near the headstock.

PM me your email and I'll send you the bulletin.
[edit]It's not a bulletin; it's some instructions someone wrote.

That said, this is supposed to be a photo gallery thread, not a tech thread.
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