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I just installed the Tankslapper total protection kit last night. It consists of precut clear vinyl pieces used to protect the paint. The site doesn't show a pic of what is included in the kit so I thought I'd post come pictures.

The green area is the thinner tankslapper material that can be removed and replaced as many times as necessary. It is fairly simple to install with a mix of alcohol and water. There is also a piece of tankslapper material on the backside of the tank where a normal tank protector would go.

The red area is the 3M material that is a bit thicker than the tankslapper material. The 3M material is self adhesive and a bit more complicated to install.Once it sets up it cannot be removed and reused without showing signs of a previous install.

This is the headlight with the 3M installed.

Here you can see the edges of the tankslapper material
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