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Tall guy scraping his pegs: rearsets the solution?

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I'm 6'3'' with a 34-36 inseam. Will a set of rearsets on the Bonnie will make it more comfortable or not? Will I gain ground clearance? Right now with the stock pegs and levers I scrape them too easily...
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I put rear sets on mine mainly fo clearance. The position is more comfortable as I find it easier to lean forward now with my legs tucked under more. I also have some lower bars ordered
I am not as tall as you 5'10"
As Pat suggested Thruxton length shocks with appropriate rate spring.
Before I put rear sets on I used to have the Ikon rears on the tallest preload. Except this makes them too hard on the road as all the softer part of the spring is preloaded.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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