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Tall guy scraping his pegs: rearsets the solution?

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I'm 6'3'' with a 34-36 inseam. Will a set of rearsets on the Bonnie will make it more comfortable or not? Will I gain ground clearance? Right now with the stock pegs and levers I scrape them too easily...
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Likely, you're waaay too heavy for the factory Bonnie suspension (almost everybody is). There are two things you should consider:
1) Put some better rear shocks under you, and upgrade the springs up front as well.
2) Give serious thought to replacing your shocks with something of comperable height/length as those the Thruxton come with; they're taller.

Have your sag/pre-load/damping adjusted by a pro' and have him explain what you can do to further dial them when you're out on the open road.

Rear sets WILL help to a degree (sans center-stand), it's all about whether you're comfortable riding in a more aggressive position. HEY, Europeans do it all the time!
Yeah..... sell off those good shocks, somebody should be anxious to buy them! Then replace them with some taller Thruxton height shocks with single rate springs. And DON'T neglect those fatory springs up front, those things have NO damping!

They say the most aggressive rear sets readily available for our bikes are those made by Raask, I have some on my bike. (I'll see if I have an image that shows how high they are.) I'm pretty comfortable with them, but I stand a mere 5' 2".

About that leaning..... ever since I learned to practice"Pivot Steering", my lean angles have been reduced considerably and my chicken strips are now wider.... but the resulting footprint and above mentioned technique is getting me around those sweepers more efficiently.

A quick & easy fix might be to simply replace your fat factory footpegs with some smaller footpegs.

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