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It would appear from numerous threads on here (and elsewhere) that Tuneboy is the mutt's nuts as far as full communication with the ECU is concerned - so I'm not going to go on about remapping/downloading tunes etc.

What if I simply want to reset/adjust the throttle position sensor and IAC valve stepper motor and (hopefully) sort out the really difficult cold starting that has plagued me since last October?

Does anyone know if a generic EOBD/OBD2 scanner (ELM 32x chipset for example) and software will do these resets/adjustments?

Has anybody got any experience of a "DealerTool" ( From the website it looks to be an ELM323 scanner with additional features specific to Sagem and Keihin FI Triumphs. It even appears to be able to use software to balance throttle bodies on some Keihin FI models.

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