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Take a look at your garaged bike!

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The weather has been pretty ***** so consequently the bike have been under covers tucked away in the garage, or so I thought.

Last Sunday I thought I'd have a look at them just to make sure they ok, wheel 'em down the drive and back into the garage so they wouldn't be resting on the same bit of rubber. It had only been 3 weeks since I'd had the TBS out.

The amount of condensation on the bike was staggering, so much so that it had dripped onto the alloys, puddled, and started to pit them! Looking around the bike I noticed surface rust on the kick peg on the side stand, some furring and surface rust on the chain (the same chain I oiled early December!).

Totally peeded off with myself I spend a couple of hours with Solvo Autosol cleaning the rims, cleaning and oiling the chain, and spraying the rest of the bike with Auto Glym Motorcycle Protectorant. On all the chrome and wheel rims I used Vaselene petrolium jelly applied with a sponge.

Cos the weather has been so mild any changes in temperature will cause lots of condensation, not like the old days when Winter meant it was chuffing freezin til March

Take heed lads, go and have a shufftie at your treasured two wheels before you get a shock.

Sorry Mate I Didn't See You
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I'm supposed to out my bike in a garage over winter...??? :lollol:
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