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OK fellas'
Back to tachometer problems again.
My tach only starts to work when I get to 50mph. At that time, it goes right up to 4500rpm and increases to 5000rpm at 60mph. When I get below 45mph, it drops to 0. Has anyone run into this problem before, or have a suggestion????? (Wife's getting upset with me coming into the garage at 50)

Secondly. Spark plug gap????????????
Book said 8MM to 9MM. Not having gauges in MM, I converted that to .020/ .022. Does that seem about right???

As usual, any suggestions is appreciated...

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Thanks Jim. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And thanks also for getting me straight on my figures.
I would have been right if I was going to MM.
( Don't know if I'm coming or going most of the time)

Joe :)

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I tried what you suggested to no avail, but it was certainly worth a try. I'm hoping that a shop here in Atlanta may be able to check the tach out or maybe rebuild if it is in fact the tach, not the igniter.
Thanks for the quick come back. I'll try to keep you posted on the out-come.
(These maint. books that I bought don't tell you a thing about tachs. almost like they don't exist. Triumph book included.)

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HeyMan. That would be absolutely fantastic. At the present time, I don't know if it's the tach or the igniter. If you let me know when you'll be coming down this way, I'll sure enough meet up with you.
If you'd like, I'll send you my phone number, via pm. What ever is convenient with you. :-D


I'll even buy ya a biscuit

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Dan. Sent two more messages this am. but just in case.

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