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OK fellas'
Back to tachometer problems again.
My tach only starts to work when I get to 50mph. At that time, it goes right up to 4500rpm and increases to 5000rpm at 60mph. When I get below 45mph, it drops to 0. Has anyone run into this problem before, or have a suggestion????? (Wife's getting upset with me coming into the garage at 50)

Secondly. Spark plug gap????????????
Book said 8MM to 9MM. Not having gauges in MM, I converted that to .020/ .022. Does that seem about right???

As usual, any suggestions is appreciated...

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Hey Adventure96,
I see you're in fayetteville. I have a spare tach from a 97 tbird that is a match for yours. I swapped it out because it was jittery. It would probably work good for troubleshooting at least. I live in Dawsonville and come to Newnan often. I'll give it to you, if you want it. let me know
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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