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Hi all, I took my brother's t595 from him and have been preparing to put it back on the road. He had taken the loom off when he took it off the road, and now I'm putting it back on after making the few repairs that were required and testing it.
It is the early t595 with the alternator that has the reg/rec built in.
It's easy to locate all the sensors and blocks etc, but I'm just scratching my head about where all the +ve and -ve leads go.
There are four different rings on the ends of black cables and I have placed them as follows.
One single ring is attached to three black cables and I've connected this to the battery negative terminal.
Another single ring attached to three black cables I have connected to one of the mounting bolts on the alternator.
Then there is a very long single black cable with a ring which I have bolted to the frame.
The last remaining single black cable I have connected to the post on the front of the alternator.
Now we come to the live feed.
There is a single ring connecting two brown cables. One of them comes from the loom, the other is a relatively short brown wire with a ring on the end of it. I have attached the double cable end to the battery via it's single ring.
What I now have is the relatively short brown cable with a single ring on the end, and a longer brown cable with a single ring on the end of it. Running along the longer cable is thinner green cable that plugs into the front of the alternator.
I have also found a single black and white cable with a ring at either end, but I don't know if it is relevant to this bike.
Basically, have I got the -ve's right? And what cables connect to the starter solenoid and the starter motor???

Apologies for the head-scratching post, but thanks in advance!


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Black cables are normally negative, the engine should be earthed to the frame and battery negative. You need to check the wiring diagram on here for download, to see how the generator etc.... Are wired.
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