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The bike I am building was a basket case when I got it. I tore it completely down, fixed, painted, powder coated everything and am putting it back together.

I had to go through the entire wiring harness and make sure every wire was there and complete. This was fine out of the bike but I have some issues.

The wiring diagram in the Triumph book SUCKS. Combine that with the faded colors on the wires and I have a couple of questions.

How many wires go to the top of your starter and what color are they really?

What color wires are really going to the starter selonoid? does it matter which side of the connector they are on?

Is there ANYWHERE I can get a new coil plug connector??? I have tried every online store, the dealer etc.

It would be easiest on some of these if I could just set a bike next to it and make sure everything is correct. (would require lifting the tank). Anyone in Denver that would like a nice garage to keep their bike in for a day or two;)
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