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T3 Parts Interchangeability

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Edit 05-21-12: Attached Bernie's spreadsheet.

Okay, so I just slogged through a whole bunch of info that had nothing to with my bike over in the Mod/Shop forum, & I'm thinking we really need our own interchangeable parts thread over here...

YFMT: Can we sticky this?

I'll start...

Things I know:

Buell Lightning mirrors are very similar to the original Trident mirrors, but finished in black chrome. They're $25 each & left/right reversible.

Buell turn signals are an easy mod. $25/pair & they bend instead of breaking.

Late-model Trophy sidestand brackets bolt right up to the older T3 bikes & don't bend like the older brackets. Do this now, before your bracket bends & you have to replace your lefthand signal & mirror. :razz:

Kawasaki ZX-11 brake & clutch levers interchange with T3 levers & cost a whole lot less. I was looking at a Z-rex the other day, & it looks like that uses the same levers as well.

There's supposed to be a Kawasaki seat lock that fits, but chances are a good locksmith can fix your original lock for the same price. The locksmith is faster than waiting for parts in the mail, & your original key still fits.

Things I'd like to know:

Does anyone have a definitive list of 6-pot Tokico calipers that will bolt onto our bikes? (Again, the ZRX I saw the other day had 6-pots, but I couldn't really go up & measure center-to-center on the bolts...)



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My six pot Tokico calipers came from a Hayabusa. I've been told they're the same as the calipers on the Z-Rex and several other Kawasaki models
The K&N filters I buy at the local Yam/Kaw shop for my 98 TBird are the same for my 96 Trident. Comes with the filter an o-rings.
Thanks, Seumas. I have my eye on a set of 'busa calipers now.

Yfmt, I don't even know how I forgot to mention oil filters. When I first go the Trident, I wanted to change the oil so I looked up the oil filter in a cross-reference. Then I checked a couple of other cross-refs, 'cause I couldn't believe what I saw. Turns out that the Triumph T3s use the same filters as my little KZ440 did. Fram's part number is CH 6012, which crosses to a Wix 24941 or a Purolator ML16812. The Purolator filters are supposed to be very high quality, & they're available at Strauss Auto here in the Northeast. The included o-rings don't fit the Triumphs, though. (I clean & re-use my o-rings sometimes.) (Same filter fits the Ninja 250 I picked up for a Winter project. Now that I think about it, every bike I've owned uses that filter: KZ440, KZ400, Trident 900, & Ninja 250. Weird.)

For a '96 Trident, the front brake master cylinder / twistgrip / switch assembly is the same as a Suzuki Bandit. Thus, if you need a front brake stop light switch, Suzuki part no. 57460-17C00 will do the trick.
Very interesting, & quite good to know as the local Suzuki shop is a lot more local than the nearest Kawi dealership!

The front brake switch currently on my '96 Trident is Kawasaki part number 27010-1170, which has been superseded by Kawi p/n 27010-0025. The Kawasaki switches, and I assume the Suzuki parts as well, should bolt up to any T3 front brake master.

I noticed tonight when I was swapping MCs on the Ninja 250 that it takes the same brake switch as the big Ninjas & the Triumphs. I picked up the master cylinder for $15 including shipping on eBay, & it came with a $22 brake light switch. Cool. :-D

Just Thought I would chime in here and list what I have = Busa 6 pot calipers
Kawasaki ZRX 1100/1200 fork caps/adjustable for preload
Yamaha foot pegs
Nissin aftermarket brake and clutch masters (remote res.)
RaceTech GVE's
I know I am late joining this conversation, but this is where this question belongs.

How about replacement forks for my 98 Trident. What other models or makes for that matter will interchange?
I guess it depends on how much work you want to put into making them fit. If your Trident has the same 43mm fork tubes as my Sprint you can make almost any 43 mm fork work. If you want a direct bolt-in replacement your options might be limited.
For instance, I'm running a set of forks from a ZRX1200 on FrankenSprint. They are fully adjustable and the caliper mounts were the same as the Sprint. OTOH, they are also shorter than the Sprint forks, needed a different wheel spacer and since the ZRex runs the speedo from the other side, I had to make a bracket for the speedo mount. I'm also running a ZRex front fender cuz the Sprint fender wouldn't fit. I dealt with the shorter length of the forks by rotating the rear axle adjusters which dropped the rear end by the same amount that the shorter forks dropped the front.
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New to list as of right now. Just found this list after years of ownership and lurkin around.

I too think an 'unoffical interchangability list' would be a "Good Thing"

Finished rebuilding the front of my '98 Executive recently and found that the front headlight assembly from the older Suzuki GSX1000 dual headlight setup is idenditcal.
$25 bucks for the whole thing from the wrecker, including bulbs!!.

Anybody have a cheap cross for the dang temp sending unit?
I'm on my third one @ $35 from Triumph!!

Horns - Aftermarket dual tone Fiamms are cheap and loud

Levers as mentioned, aftermarket Kawi bits were $10 ea. from the local shop. Mine were actually quite worn at the pivot after 48K miles

I simply tapped out the tank mounting bracket welded nuts to the next size up as they, and the bolts, were completely stripped from the design. (To prevent stripping you would need to support the tank weight each time you unbolt it, I never did this umteen times over.)

Very loose shifter linkage is next up on my list of fix it's.

'98 Executive with lot's o bits. (I'll only list this ***** once I promise)
front fender ext
fork tube getters
tall windscreen
throttle meisters
superbike gel grips
genmar risers
tank bra - woo hoo!
corbin with pass seatback
rear rack
dual snorkels
nixed CA smog stuff
open airbox
rear brake blinker leds
custom aluminum chainguard
polished wheel - rim sides only
Upgraded front brake pads (it's true, it makes a big difference)
dual fiamms
flush front binkers

etc. ad nosium

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Any cross overs for the mirrors or rear blinkers on a Sprint Executive? Will any of the Trophy items fit?
According to Bike Bandit, rear blinkers are the same for Sprint Execs & Trophies w/ serial 29156 & above. Looks like Platinum, BRG, & Pacific Blue are the colors that match between the models. Part numbers for the mirrors don't match.

Looking at the design of the Exec/Trophy rear blinkers, I wonder if there aren't some generic aftermarket flushmounts that would fit. Same with the mirrors: Dennis Kirk sells a lot of 3rd-party fairing-mount mirrors. I'm just throwing these ideas out there, let us know if you find anything.

Allright. Thanks. Because the last thing I want to do is buy OEM forks from Triumph. Now the search for good 43mm forks is on.
¡Ay caramba! I was looking at the price of caliper seals & they may be the most extortionately priced items in motorcycling! (Well, with the exception of chrome & carbon fiber bits.)

$36 for 4 bloody o-rings?!?! I mean, it's not a whole lot of money, but it's outrageous for what you get. :mad:

So, here's a question: Does anyone know if the $8.00 rebuild kits for Nissin twin-piston front calipers from a Suzuki DR-Z 400 will fit the Nissin twin-piston rear calipers on our bikes?

Edit: Same question, except Honda CBR600 F2 or F3? (Same kit for both.)


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Yeah, it seems that the six pot calipers from a suzuki hayabusa will fit. Triumph use more than one diameter for front discs though. Look through this section, there are more discussions on brake interchangeability.

Cheers........... :hammer:
I just swapped my rear caliper out for one I got from eBay & cleaned up. (Amazing how much nicer the rear brake is when the pistons go all the way back in. :razz: )

Anyway, that's not why I'm posting here. I'm posting here because I'm ordering a set of seals for a CBR600 F3. I will attempt to use those to rebuild the old caliper. If it works, we'll know they work. If not, I'll be out $7.75. :wink:

Kawasaki lever compatibility, from an eBay ad:

Item fits KAWASAKI 89-06 ZX7/ZX7R, 94-97 ZX9/ZX9R, 90-01 ZX11/ 99-00 ZRX1100/ 01-05 ZRX1200

Anyone know of a Trident Clutch master cylinder replacement? It sucks that they made the trident so different compared to the other T3s...
Eh? Trident clutch master is the same as the other T3 bikes, as well as the hydraulic-clutch Triumph cruisers. I think the MC currently on my ride came from an Adventurer, but it might have been a T-bird. AFAIK, they have different part numbers for the assemblies because the levers are different. I might be willing to sell my original Trident MC if you're interested, but I'd have to find it first...

Kawi/Nissin masters from bikes with compatible levers will fit, but they look different & have the fluid level windows in the wrong place.

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