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Hello all,

My name is Harm from the Netherlands.
I'm a huge fan of the British classic bikes, and stumbled upon a T140V by accident. Bought is a few days later...

I'm still working on it though.
- It needs all new wiring (making the wiring loom myself).
- New seat.
- Have to rework the brakes, front and rear.
- Added a new handlebar. It had the US highbar, new it has the UK lowbar.
- The rear fender is torn slightly, but that's okay because I want to shorten is anyway.
- And it blows up my sparkplug on the right side, so I have to rework the engine as well.

All in good time though, no rush...
I also have a 2014 Thruxton

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Welcome to the forum!

How cool to have two versions of the Bonneville so far apart in years!

The Classic, Vintage, and Veteran forum is a great place to chat with other riders and wrenchers of the classic Triumphs.

Make yourself at home, browse the site, and join the banter!

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