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First time caller here.

I have a 2017 T120 Black that I got used last year in a private sale. Ran great all last summer. I'm going to be replacing my peashooters with some British Custom 3.5" slip on exhaust pipes, but I need to get them ceracoated in black before I do that. I'm in the northeast so its been garaged for the winter. So, about two months ago I took the left side (when sitting on the bike) peashooter off the bike to take to the guy coating the new pipes for color/texture matching purposes. My appointment this week was cancelled due to the corona virus and his shop being closed, but the weather is looking good and I'm trying to get out there. Anyway, I put the peashooter back on and when I run the bike I'm getting a little bit of oil at the connection of the peashooter to the exhaust. I have it clamped down and everything back in place. Would this be due to the exhaust gasket needing to be replaced now that I took it off? I took it off again and tried to re-seat it on there and see if that would help, but still have a little bit of oil down there at the connection when revving. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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