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Sydney - Mid Week Madness Time

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G'day folks..

It's that time of the year again... My vote is the Putty, say Wednesday. March 11 or 18. ( 18th may suit me better :D )

So - who's in, what dates or any other route suggestions..

Keep smiling.. :D:D:D
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Mid Week Madness - Update

G'day folks.

Peter Snape (GSX1400) came back - he's keen for the 18th.

Brett / Russ - an interest - can you also pass the work around.

Take care.. :motorbike::motorbike::motorbike:
Funny I was just thinking how I haven't been on a decent ride for a while.

The bugger is I will have to give this one a miss.

I'm working for myself these days and I'll be away that week.

All the best for a good one and post pics so I can live vicariously.

Hi Harry its been awhile, since I've heard from you.

If you want to go for a ride I'm leaving on Friday, 13th March for the weekend, heading
off to Valla Beach for Triumph Ratbags, going the long way, ie Putty, Singleton across
to Gloucester, Thunderbolts, Armidale and down the Waterfall Way.

If you want could meet on Friday morning, and say ride to Bulga, then from there I will
head off.

Cheers Barry
??? mid week March 18

Hello again..

Seems like there aren't many takers - maybe we should re-schedule for a later date ??

Bazza - sounds like a great ride but I cant make it that w/end - have fun :D World economy turning to ****e has keep me really busy - but I must make more time for fun..:motorbike::motorbike::motorbike:
Is that a mid week night ride, or day ride?
Don't have any leave left so cannot take time off work to join in if it is a day ride.

mid week day ride

G'day Totalpanic ..

If we rode the way we do at night, we'd all be long gone - it's a day ride, seems it may be postponed, there's not many takers this year. Usually we have 8 to 10 ??

Next time maybe.
last chance

G'day folks.

The 18th is just about on us and we have no takers.. Suggest we postpone. I'll leave it to someone else to come up with a new date.

I guess the economic down turn must really be bitting..

Catch you soon folks..
Love to hook up but cannot do mid week...... damn work :(

Did the Putty today but only to the Half Way house.

Let me know if there are any rides planned for the weekends :)
Sorry Harry I've been tied up lately. Just had a 2400km week long ride to the World Supers and back. I've got an annual ride early next month and then a w/e away with the family. So just haven't any opportunity for another mid-week day off in the short term.

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