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Sweet rear-tidy!

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Found this baby on : >>>clickme<<<

Anyone familiar with that particular set or understands some of the german written there? Might get one for myself but for all i know its an advert selling a couple of photographs instead of the rear-tidy :razz:

First good looking set i've found near Belgium and easily attainable for me so offcaurse im interested.
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Limey, no mate, that isn't the one that GSG makes. It's bloody typical that is, I couldn't find this one on ebay, so I ordered the GSG one from Wild Hair.*****! Now, I'm all a quandry as to which one I prefer. I did just call Wild hair and tried to cancel, but it is already on the way. Shiza!!
Triple_Rider, I ordered the CF undertray, because the fibreglass one needed painting. I also ordered the Tail light, but no plate holder because they only accomodate the European size plates (large). Thought I would fabricate and powdercoat my own. I orderd new signals from carpimoto. So.....that means my mad doctor kit and front and rear signals is up for sale....when the other arrives, after xmas apparently.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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