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Suspension question

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Hi there,

I'm about to order a set of new suspensions for my Bonnie, I'm leaning towards the Hagon Nitro's for their range of adjustability, and I wonder if 370mm (maximum lenght available for the Nitro's according to is too long for a Bonnie. Does this lenght (10mm / 0.4'' more than the Thruxton stock lenght) will badly affect the handling of the Bonnie ?

I'd like to go as long as possible with the rear shocks because I have 36'' inseams. Also, I've heard a lot that taller shocks on the Bonnie would improve/quicken its handling. But how tall can we go?

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If you havent purchased alum rim's for your ride something else you could do is install a 18" rear rim.
How about Thruxton lenght shocks + 18'' rear rim? "Ill handling"?

What's the best combination? Thruxton lenght shocks with stock rear rim? Bonnie lenght shocks with 18'' rear rim?

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