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2019 Triumph bobber black
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I'm seriously with struggling my thought process. So any input or guidance will be helpful and appreciated.

From what I understand is that if I were to choose a new T120, I am pretty much forced to visit a dealer.
As far as I can tell they have a maintenance indicator that needs to be reset. Which only can be done by a dealer. From what I understand is that these engines are pretty reliable and I do prefer to work on them myself as much as possible. But the indicator would force me to visit the dealer every time it's due for service.
The dealer that is closest to me (still a 1.5 hour ride) and my experience there is not very good.
I could get a bike in Hamilton but that would be a 5 hour ride, which would we ridiculous to do for the first 1000km service and/of resetting a stupid indicator on the dash.

From what I gather now is that unless I get over my issues with the dealer in Ottawa I am pretty much forced to let go of the idea of purchasing a T120 and move on
My dealer told me only the first 500 mile service was mandatory by the dealer, the rest are at 10K intervals which I'm going to cut those in half and change the fluids at 4K.
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