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Interesting question.

The answer is that they all do. All Triumph models have tyres that are marked as tubeless.

The Classic models with wire-spoke wheels have to have inner-tubes, but the tyres are mark as tubeless. This confuses alot of people, but I believe the tyre manufacturers construct all tyres as tubeless, and then smooth the inner carcuss so that tubes can be fitted into them, if required. Thus the same tyre can perform both tubeless and tubed applications.

Does this help?

Only the wire-wheel models would be fitted with inner-tubes.


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That's a good general rule for all modern bikes, not just Triumphs. There are a few exceptions here & there, but almost all bikes with spoke wheels have inner tubes & almost all bikes with cast/forged/"mag"/one-piece wheels do not.

Just for some background... The 1980 Kawasaki KZ440 LTD I learned to ride on had one-piece wheels, but came from the factory with tubes. When I bought it 24 years later, it had tubeless tires & no tubes. By 1984, they were shipping the GPz550 without tubes. This has always made me think that tubeless rims were a late '70s thing, but tubeless tires were artificially expensive 'til the mid-'80s.

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