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So, who was there? I saw a couple S3's there, one white and one black.
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you saw mine...if it was the one parked at the far end by the dirt road...BLACK
i had a good time...i did 700 miles in 24 hours on speedy...that's the most bonding time we've had yet...i found myself doing the superman to keep from a lot of strange looks!...stuntwars had really grown from last is a great event...all in all the trip went well despite the 3three3 tickets i got on the way home...some undercover in a dodge charger ran me off the road to pull me over...i knew it was going to be bad when his first words were TAKE OFF THE BRAIN BUCKET SON!!!! ...oh well ...prob. some insecure kid who is tryin to make up for all of the pusssy he never got in highschool!...F-him!!!so whose was the white one? :???:
i think that girl in the white has a closet full of strap on's!!!!!! :hammer: what do you think? :???:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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