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I am dead keen to replace the after market pipes on my 04 Thruxton with something more sporty (read shorter). The PAKbikes shorty pipes & BUBs are not available so while looking around I saw a pic. of the Raisch Thruxton with what looks like Togas fitted. These appear to fit nice & tight & look like they don't extend much past the rear brake disc. Definitely never considered Togas because to me they belong on a Bonnie but these look just so good.
Is anyone able to comment on this, I would appreciate some guidance, as there are not many Classic Triumphs in Cape Town so you don't get to see the kind of mods that I would like to do & importing bits & pieces takes time & lots of sheckles so you don't want to get it wrong.
So far I've done the,pipes, rear fender, indicators, tailight, Monza cap, Tomasseli bars, Mass chain guard & sprocket cover, bobbed front fender & painted black, aftermarket mirrors & am waiting on a Dart flyscreen as my neck can't take the wind drag anymore.
I am happy with the performance & the bike runs so well I don't want to mess with the carbs, but maybe one day the airbox will go as well.
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