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Hi everyone. I'm doing some mods on my 2017 ST to tidy up the lines (tail tidy, bar end mirrors, new indicators etc). One thing that consistently bugs me is the position of the speedo & how it ruins the lines of the top of the bike.

I was tempted to install a side mount by Omega Racer (sorry I'm not allowed to post a link, its the first one on google) but they cost almost $100 with shipping from Thailand. Seems like a fancy version of an angle bracket you could get from a hardware store which I may do instead....

Before I jump in to this this myself, I had a couple of questions:

1. It looks like it mounts on one of the engine mounting bolts. Do you need a center stand to remove/replace one of these (my concern is that realignment will make it impossible to get it back in without one).

2. Some people have had issues with vibration + aftermarket mounts causing their speedo to go crazy, seems like a risk?

Cheers guys.

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