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Hey guys

Hope everyone is doing alright. Having a problem with my Striple which I'm hoping for some assistance with.

When the bike is started, throttle needs to be applied to keep the engine running for about 10 seconds, else she will die. After keeping the revs up but low for a few seconds, the throttle can be released and she will settle down to idle - however, the idle is quite high, at 2000rpm.

While in first, second or third gear, the bike sounds like she is running on 2 cylinders between 2000rpm and 4000rpm. I'm guessing it's a fuelling or air issue. I replaced all 3 spark plugs less than 1000km ago, so I don't think it's spark. Once the revs are increased, she is fine.

When I performed the sparkplug change, I am not certain that I connected the breather hoses to the fuel tank correctly. Could incorrectly connected hoses be causing this issue, and if so, can someone explain the manner in which the hoses are connected? I did check the workshop manual but can't seem to see anything. I have had the tank off several times with no problems, but may have made an error this time.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
Sounds like you might have left the small hose to the MAP sensor disconnected - I'd check that first.
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