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Year round commuter, no highways, city traffic, so my daily jackets tend to be on the less protective, less conspicuous side at times.

Helmet: Shoei RF1200
Jacket: Dainese Montmartre D-Dry (winter with wind blocking layer underneath), Dainese Shotgun (mesh for summer), unknown model RS-Taichi leather jacket
Gloves: Rev'it Alaska GTX (winter only), Dainese Carbon Cover ST
Pants: Rev'it Lombard (armor not worn when commuting)
Boots: Dainese TRQ Race Out

If I have a longer ride beyond work, I'll wear armored pants, such as the Dainese Tomsk or New Drake pants. The list above represents what I wear 75% of the time. Dainese seems to work best for my body type.

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Also a year round commuter (12 miles each way) who doesn't own anything with more than two wheels

Jacket: Triumph McQueen Desert Racer with armor in
Helmet: Shark Vision-R Series 2 (Biltwell Gringo for kicking around side streets)
Gloves: Rev'It Bomber (Summer), Rev'It Carver H2O (winter)
Boots: usually just Red Wings work boots or Doc Martens (I know. Not ideal.)
Pants: Rev'It Enterprise Overpants

Considering getting a pair of Stylmartin's to level up in the boot department

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I'm still mostly in winter gear:

Helmet: Bell Star Carbon

Jacket: Spidi Voyager 2, with First Gear heated liner; or Alpinestars Lance

Pants: Olympia something-or-other

Gloves: First Gear heated

Boots: Joe Rocket Meteor FX (cheap and waterproof)

Summer gear:

Jacket: Triumph Wykin

Pants: mostly trying out my new Mottowear jeans

Gloves: Rev'it of some form

Boots: Sidi Fusion

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New to riding, not ridden yet, but gear I selected

Shoei RF-1200 in white
Triumph Custom Jacket
Triumph Navigator pants
Rev'it! Royale H2O boot in brown/olive
Spidi King glove
Tourmaster rain suit

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Typical commuting gear (about 80% of my riding)

Shoei GT Air (with Sena 10U integrated communicator)
Surefire EP 5 earplugs
FirstGear Kilimanjaro Jacket
Knox Recon gloves
FirstGear HT overpants
Daytona Roadstar GTX boots.

Depending on weather/ride:

FirstGear Mesh Tex jacket
Held Thrux, Held Warm and Dry, or Revit gloves
Aerostich Protekt jeans (with knee and added hip armor)
Aerostich 1 piece Roadcrafter
Alpinestar Supertech R boots
Kobe 2 piece leathers (with added 360 degree - more like about 300 degree - connection zipper)
AGV Sport 1 piece leathers (bought in 1999 and still fit...sort of)
D3O back protectors across the board

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I don't typically ride in the depths of winter but my gear gets worn for the other 3 seasons as it's fairly flexible.

HJC Matte Black with white star Ben Spies replica helmet
Alpinestars Textile jacket (black with fluro yellow bits) with/without winter lining with Alpinestars bionic back insert
HELD Goretex Quattrotempi trousers (over a regular pair of jeans/trousers) with/without winter lining
Triumph (Alpinestars) leather gloves with armour
Sidi Vertigo Goretex boots

Getting the Goretex version of the Sidi race boots made them pretty expensive (as boots go) but given they're easily 7 years old now, saved my left ankle in a crash and have never let in a drop of water they're easily my favourite bit of bike kit and when I finally wear through the soles, there's only one option as a replacement - another pair of the same!

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Arai Signet Q helmet
RST gloves
Ku****ani leathers
Alpinestars SM-5 boots

Also use:
Aerostich R3 one-piece
Gerbings G3 heated gloves
Gerbings jacket liner
Sidi tour rain boots

Good gear is not cheap, cheap gear is not good.
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