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Strange day

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OK, its a Saturday morning in cold New England and the family is looking for something to do. I suggest we take a drive to see a New Bonneville which I have been meaning to do since 2001. Wife is ADAMANT we are not getting a motorcycle and honestly I'm not in the mood for one either. To mitigate her displeasure I promise we will go for a nice lunch after viewing said Triumph. Well I get a little lost looking for the place and we pull into a Harley dealership. She wants to look inside, we go in and she falls in love with a black pearl 883L. We go over to the Triumph shop (which is virtually across the street) and I gaze upon a Bonneville Black. Long story short there is now a sportster and a bonnie at my house...... as if we didn't have enough to argue about. Still a bit surreal but a happy ending just the same.

Hope to be asking you guys for advice in the future ........
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Wow, it's a wonderful life! :cool:
You see, it just goes to show that a Sporty is a girls bike after all!
Motorcycling serendipity. . .

ride on

That's great, I was actually on my way up to a wedding with my wife, made a slight detour (while the wife dosed off a bit) and came back with a new bike. :razz:
nice story, congrats!

I bought mine on a whim too. Got to the dealer at 7, rode out at 715!
Hey Old Guy:


I fine New England weekend well spent.

Spring is coming, and I hope our paths cross.

Connecticut is not that big.

Best regards,

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Boy did she get you. That was all planned. She knew what you wanted and what she wanted, then made you feel like you did all the right things. Boy do women work us poor guys over,and most of the time we don't even know its happening. You have a real gem there, keep her, and who knows what other good things may come your way.

BTW I like your screen name.
Congrats!!! I have to say I had one of those strange days, also. At the time when my girlfriend and I met, it had been 9 years since I last owned a bike, a Ninja ZX-10. I had never owned anything other than a japanese bike. After hearing how much I loved motorcycling, she told me that she grew up riding a Triumph with her dad and that she thought men on motorcycles are sexy. I thought, cool, a women who likes motorcycles. One day while driving by a local Triumph dealer, she suggested we stop in and take a look. Needless to say, I slammed on the brakes and swerved into the parking lot. We went inside and upon seeing the black Thruxton, I fell in love. It was one year old and being sold on consignment. She asked if I wanted it for my birthday. With the look of a deer caught in a cars headlights, I said, “are you f__cking kidding me”. She said no and gave the dealer a low ball offer and they accepted it. I couldn’t believe it. I was onehappy man. Nine months later we bought her a Centennial Edition Bonnie. She said she liked it because the lucifer orange paint color matched her hair. :)

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Sidecar? Wicked. You need to link to a gallery going too!
Hey Oregon, I hope to hell you married her. Sounds like a keeper to me.

Hmmmmm....Harley, Triumph. Sounds like a May-December romance to me. :cool:
Hey Idaho,

Actually it is, my wife says all the time she is going to divorce me so she doesn't have to listen to Neil Young anymore :)
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