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I’m curious what stiction measurements others get on their ‘13+ STR/STRx forks.

I get 24mm of stiction.

According to the Total Control class, fork stiction < 15mm is ideal. Anything greater indicates a possible issue such as incorrect fork alignment.

I’ve done all my measurements by sitting on the bike and having the forks compressed and released slowly (L2), then lifted and released slowly (L3).

L3 - L2 = 125mm - 81mm = 24mm

The first time I checked these values the bike was fairly new and I was getting 25mm of stiction. I crashed the bike and had the lower triple replaced and all repairs done by a professional shop, I was still getting 25mm stiction after that. Last week I took my forks apart to replace the seals and did not see any signs of the forks being bent or any abnormal wear in the fork tubes. After replacing components I’m now at 24mm of stiction...

Anyone getting a stiction # close to mine? Do I just have defective forks somehow??? I’m curious.

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