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I had a plug break and go into my engine, screwed the CYL . on my 99'Legend didn't have the money or time to fix it right away so i let the bike sit for over a year while I looked for a solution, fix or buy a used salvage? I finally bought a used salvage and when it got here i started taking the bike apart. when I got to the air box removal I took off the first section,all fine. took off the second "main" air box section and it started to rattle when I got it loose. Confused as I was that it rattled I started taking off the screws thinking there must be sand or small gravel in it :???: . to my suprise I found that a mouse had been crawling the length of the air box route and storing all his sunflower seeds at the filter. maybe it would be a good idea to plug the air intake hole under the seat if the bike is going to sit for a while.
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